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First off let me say while a diaper sprayer isn't essential, it is absolutely a time saver and major proponent in making our cloth diaper journey easier. Rinsing poop off into the toilet vs the alternative; shake and hope it falls off or scrapping it off with a tissue or scraper, for me the diaper sprayer wins every time. Spray Pals diaper sprayer is great and very easy to install in the video below I show you how simple the install can be. It really makes cloth diapering easier and gets used several times a day in my home, we also use it to rinse Naeem's (our 19 month old) butt when he's on the toilet. The pressure is really easy control unlike some other diaper sprayers I have had. The Spr

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A Natural Minded Mama is a Holistic Doula, Nutritionist, Breastfeeding Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Babywearing Educator, Cloth Diapering Educator, Photographer/Videographer, and Natural Parenting Advocate based in Charleston, SC and serving surrounding areas.