Doulas nurture and support birthing people throughout labor and birth. Our essential role is to provide continuous pregnancy, labor, 
& postpartum support to birthing people, in every decision they make  wherever they decide give birth.
The doula’s role and agenda is tied solely to the birthing person’s desires. My primary responsibility is to you, the birthing person—not to a hospital administrator, nurse, midwife, or doctor.
As your doula I provide prenatal care, labor, birth, emotional, & physical support, as well as advocacy.

I am here to help you along your birthing journey with the knowledge & support you need to make fully informed choices and have the best experience possible. Studies have shown having a Doula as apart of your birth team drastically reduces the rates of unnecessary intervention & cesarean births. I will be here for you through this amazing transformation. Everyone needs and deserves support especially those carrying our future generations.

Peace, Love, and Blessings!


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