How I went Vegan

First off let me say it wasn't easy it took over a year, but I do feel it was worth it. I started transitioning to veganism in 2015. I do not remember the exact month, but I know it was several months prior to finding out I was pregnant with Naeem in June of 2015. So the main thing at first was meat, how do I cut out meat? I decided to slowly cut it down instead once a day with dinner I would make it once a weekend, so four times a month we had meat. After we got into that groove I cut it to it down to once a month, this was harder and took a little longer to adjust. So to help the transition I found vegan recipes for meals I used to eat and tested them out. Once I got into the groove of onc

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A Natural Minded Mama is a Holistic Doula, Nutritionist, Breastfeeding Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Babywearing Educator, Cloth Diapering Educator, Photographer/Videographer, and Natural Parenting Advocate based in Charleston, SC and serving surrounding areas.