My Instagram was HACKED!

July 2nd 2020, I received a collaboration email from a “company” claiming to want to work with me. This is a shot of the email. My instincts told me not to waste my time looking at it, but I did anyway. The link went to this… On my phone I didn’t notice that the url wasn’t right or that the year was wrong. If had forgotten my password and clicked Login with Facebook I would have noticed that button doesn't work. The only button that does work is the login button. This is what it should have looked like... I didn’t realize this until the next day when I was trying to figure out how to get back into my account and I pulled it up on my laptop. I logged into to IG via the Chrome app in my phone

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Babywearing with woven wrap Charleston, SC

A Natural Minded Mama is a Holistic Doula, Nutritionist, Breastfeeding Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Babywearing Educator, Cloth Diapering Educator, Photographer/Videographer, and Natural Parenting Advocate based in Charleston, SC and serving surrounding areas.