Almond Cow Milk Machine

Have you ever read the ingredients lists on the plant based milks in stores today? They are often full of things like

Natural flavors - which can be almost anything.

Cane Sugar - often way too much.

Fortifying vitamins - foreign therefore hard to assimilate in the body.

Carrageenan - arguably a known carcinogen.

Fillers - some known to aggravate the GI tract.

And last but not least preservatives such as ascorbic acid an synthetic isolated nutrient that is only part of Vitamin C, but not the complete Vitamin C. These unnecessary ingredients kind of defeat the purpose of making an attempt to choose a healthier option.

There was a brand that was making a coconut milk that I was semi ok with it wasn't in can (because aluminum leaches into food products) but a tetra pack which is still plastic hence "semi". The company stopped making this milk so I was stuck between making my own or settling for another product I wasn't going to be able to use without side eyeing it. Things really do happen to align themselves in my life because as I was struggling with this I stumbled upon Almond Cow's Milk machine. Their ad really spoke to me as they pointed out the issues I mentioned above with many mainstream dairy milk alternatives, so I decided to try out the Milk Machine.

It arrived with a few different milk recipes and I was really excited to try it and I really appreciate it being made out of stainless steel because I try to avoid plastic. One of my favorite things about it is it's an all in one machine I don't have to worry about blending the nuts or using a cheesecloth to separate the nut meat from them milk, and it makes enough milk to last us a week. So once a week I soak whichever nut I want to make milk out of overnight, add those nuts and water to the machine, turn it on, and bam I have fresh unadulterated plant based milk. It's a machine that has become a staple in my kitchen and my kids love making milk with it as well checkout the video below of Kyree making cashew milk.

My promo code for Almond Cow's Milk Machine is "aNaturalMindedMama"

Hit the link and try it today!

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